About Danhul Medical Inc., of Texas

For the past 20 years Danhul Medical Inc. has been providing unprecedented customer service with exceptional attention to projects resulting in a rich client experience. Danhul Medical has been dedicated to offering cutting-edge linear accelerators, supporting equipment, and maintenance plans along with unmatched consulting services and can offer a solution for virtually any project no matter the size and scope. Danhul Medical Inc., has an international network of factory-trained service representatives, manufactures, and third-party providers. In addition, Danhul Medical Corp offers 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days a year service and support in many locations across the USA and around the world for most linear accelerator models. From site planning to installation to extended maintenance and logistics, Danhul Medical is there to serve its clients.

When investment dollars count Danhul Medical has many financing and extended maintenance plans and options available. To eliminate the guesswork of monthly maintenance costs, Danhul Medical provides fixed parts and labor contracts to help clients with their radiation therapy equipment needs. With flexible payment plans, clients can focus on wants important and better manage cash flow throughout the year.

Radiation Oncology Consultant Corp has 20 years of experience in designing service contracts to meet the client’s specific practices’ needs, meaning a tailored plan to help clients design a streamlined cost-effective approach that will ensure that clients get the most out of their equipment. Danhul Medical can cover all the risks, some of the risks, or let the client design what is needed for their practice, Danhul Medical will partner to ensure exceptional system performance and reliability throughout the life of the equipment.

Danhul Medical Inc. offers a wide selection of new and reconditioned systems, and clients can be sure that the equipment will perform and look like it came right from the factory. It starts with quality in mind and Danhul Medical can recommend tailored solutions to fit clients’ specific needs. In addition, Danhul Medical has trained logistics specialists to help you with your capital equipment moves, from specialized packing crating, and loading for domestic and international shipping, to consent logistic support.

Danhul Medical Inc., has become a leader specializing, in the market resale of radiation therapy and diagnostic equipment. Let Danhul Medical’s highly trained consultants, technicians, and staff, provide you with an understanding of the steps needed in order to select the appropriate solution for your linear accelerator equipment needs, execute a plan, and help you implement that plan. Danhul Medical is committed to excellence with each and every project and service provided.

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